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The AYNNYD Editor - TinyMCE

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Editor Button Reference
Screenshot of the AYNNYD Editor In Action.  This is how it will actually look when you use it.  The button reference is below.
Screenshot of AYNNYD Editor - TinyMCE in action!
Text Editing Features
Bold text
Underline text
Italicize text
Strike through text
Sub text
Super text
Left justify text
Center justify text
Right justify text
Full width justify text
Change text color
Change text background color
Cut content, also available through your browser's edit features.  Note if you simply want to move text from one location to another you can highlight, left click down and hold and drag the text to where you want it and release.
Copy content, also available through your browser's edit features
Paste content, also available through your browser's edit features
Insert unordered bullet list
Insert ordered list
Indent item
Outdent item
Insert a special character
Website Specific Features
Create link to an Image, PDF, or Page. Must highlight an Image or text before this button will work.
Remove a link. Must highlight and existing link before this will work.
Insert a named anchor, this is used to link to a particular section of a page, when linking to the named anchor, you will need to add "#" followed by the anchor name to the end of the page address.
Insert Image from web server. Note the image must have uploaded to the server first by clicking on the main navbar "Add Image" or by someone else in order to use this feature and the image must belong to the same AYNNYD group as the page you are adding it too.
Insert / embed a media type file such as: Flash, Quicktime Movie, Real Media, Shockwave, Windows Media.  File must be uploaded first.  Note size limitation restrictions apply.
Browse for a file or link to insert such as: Image, PDF, Page, Media, etc.
Select color
Clean up the code. This will attempt to fix mistakes in the source code.
Remove special formatting
Edit the source HTML code directly, not recommended for use unless you know HTML
Internal TinyMCE help docs, very limited.
Table Features
Toggle Visual Aids, this will show or not show table boundaries
Add or modify table properties
Add or modify table cell properties
Add or modify table row properties
Delete Table ( you can also simply place your cursor to the right of the table and hit the back space button on your keyboard)
Insert table row before
Insert table row after
Delete table row
Insert table column before
Insert table column after
Delete table column
Merge table cells, click in the first row (top to bottom) or first column (left to right) you want to merge, then click this button, then specify the number of columns and or rows you want to combine (i.e. 2 columns, 1 row, will merge 2 columns in one row to 1 column / 1 row or in other words a single cell).  NOTE: If you do not modify either the column number or row number to more than 1, this feature will do nothing.
Split table cells.  In order to spit cells you MUST have merged them first, then click in the merged cells and you will see this feature activate, then click the Split cells button.
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