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Hosting Help: Redirect a Domain name from Network Solutions

Background:   Every computer connected to the internet has an address similar to a house street number.  This number is called an IP address and is used when your computer communicates with the websites you visit.  Because website names are easier for people to remember than an IP address, most websites have a name associated with this number.  This name is called the domain name (i.e.  Every time someone connects to a website using a domain name, the IP address of the website must be looked up on a Domain Name Server in order to determine the actual location of the website on the internet.  It is the "Domain Name Server" names that need to be changed in order to transfer the domain name to Functional Art By Ryan O'Brien hosting. Your domain name will still continue to be serviced through Network Solutions and you will be able to transfer the Domain Name Server back to Network Solutions or anywhere else at anytime.  Transferring a domain name to a Functional Art By Ryan O'Brien hosting account simply allows people to find a new website associated with this domain name at the new hosting account.

To redirect a domain from Network Solutions you must complete the following steps (please note the screen shots shown may not appear the same for you):

Step 1:   Login to your Network Solutions account at:



Step 2:   Select the domain name you are redirecting and click on "Edit DNS". You will be taken to a new page.

Note, you should be in your account manager once you login but if you are not, please navigate to your account manager. Midway down the page on your account manager you should find a list of your current domain names, if not please navigate to your domain names list.



Step 3:   Under the "Move DNS to A New Name Server" section click on "Continue", you will be taken to a new page.



Step 4:   Under the "Edit DNS" section click on "Continue", you will be taken to a new page.



Step 5:   Under the "Specify Servers" section please type "" in the "Name Server 1" box and "" in the "Name Server 2" box as shown below.  Please note it is CRITICAL you complete this step correctly, a mistake here could render your domain name unusable, so please check and double check you have correctly typed the new "Name Server" names correctly. Click continue when you are finished filling out the form.



Step 6:   Under the "Confirm DNS Changes section, please confirm you have typed the new Domain Name Server Names correctly.  Note the names should be the same with the exception of the first part "dns1.***" & "dns2.***", and the second part of the name should read "" for both Name Servers.  Click "Save DNS" to continue.



Step 7:   Verify you have a section below that reads "Name Servers Updated" and you are finished. You may logout now.



Congratulations!   You have successfully completed the domain name transfer process.

Please note it may take several days to fully transfer your domain name to Functional Art By Ryan O'Brien hosting.  During this period of time it is normal to see the domain at the new location one moment and the next at it's old location.  Please be patient, once it is fully transferred you will only see the domain at the new location.
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