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FAS Design Process

At Functional Art Solutions (FAS) we take a Customer centric approach.  Every project is unique so we start by trying to understand our clients and what their needs and wants are before anything else.  We partner with our clients and let them drive the design process while guiding them towards best practices so every website is search engine friendly and graphically strong.


The Process:

  1. Free Initial Consultation & Discovery
    • Purpose & Audience Identification
      • What does your organization do?
      • What purpose does the website serve?
      • Who will be visiting the website?
      • How do you see people interacting with your website?
    • Discovery
      • Do you have a budget?
      • Do you have a time constraint?
      • What do you like?
      • What don't you like?
      • What is the scope of your project?
      • How do you plan to maintain the site?
      • Will you need a domain name?
      • Will you need hosting?
      • Will you need email?
      • Do you have any special needs like custom forms, databases, or coding?
  2. Proposal Generation & Contract Approval
    • Proposal creation based on what was learned during Discovery
    • Prospective Client reviews the proposal
    • Any questions are answered
    • If needed, revisions are made to the proposal
    • Prospective Client signs the proposal and returns the completed contract to Functional Art Solutions
  3. Content Evaluation & Organization
    • Client supplies FAS with all their content for the website such as: text, images, videos, logos, graphics, etc
    • Client supplies FAS with a preliminary outline of how they think their content should be organized
    • FAS reviews Client Content and Outline
      • If necessary FAS works with Client to reorganize the content to be more user & search engine friendly
      • FAS works with Client to fill in the blanks where Client is missing or lacking content deemed important for the website
  4. Form vs Function Collaboration
    • Depending on Client needs FAS will develop one or more design schemes
    • FAS submits design scheme(s) to Client for review and approval
    • If Changes are requested, changes are made and resubmitted to Client for review and approval
    • Upon Appoval, FAS takes the final design scheme & Client's content and creates a working website
      • If new hosting is required, hosting is setup
      • If any new Domain name(s) or Domain Transfer(s) are required they are registered or transferred
      • If any emails are required, email accounts are setup
      • Design Scheme is disected into any required parts
      • Design Scheme colors and parts are used to create a working website
      • At least partial Content is then deployed to the website so client can review functionality and look
      • All remaining content is deployed
      • FAS requests Final Approval for the new website from Client
  5. Final Design Implementation
    • New website goes live
      • If replacing website on different host, Domain Name Servers are updated to point to the new website
      • If replacing website on same host, the default home page is changed to the new one
      • Any temporary page or existing website is backed up and then removed
    • FAS Submits for final design payment
    • If contracted, monthly maintenance commences


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