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  • What does AYNNYD Stand For?
    • AYNNYD is an acronym for "All You Need, Nothing You Don't"
  • What is AYNNYD?
    • AYNNYD is a Website Content Management System (WCMS).  A website content management system is essentially software specifically written for the internet that allows a user via a single login to manage many aspects of a website.
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  • Why Use AYNNYD?
    • AYNNYD is designed to make the process of managing a website easy.  No website design experience or additional software is required to perform basic maintenance tasks such as editing a page's text or uploading media like images and pdfs' to the website.
      • Like any other piece of software the more you know the more you can do and for advanced features it is very helpful to have a basic understanding of web design and an esthetic eye doesn't hurt either but neither is required as much of what you need to know is already outlined in the help documents.  AYNNYD does have limitations as to what you can and can't do but the average user may never be affected by them.
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  • How Does AYNNYD Work?
    • It's pretty simple from an end user stand point. First you need to be registered to use AYNNYD.  Typically either you or the website administrator will create an account for you by filling out a website form.  Once registered, you navigate to the login page of your website using your internet browser and enter your email address and password.  Now that you are logged in you will see additional administrative links magically appear.  The admin links you see (or don't) are reflective of the admin rights granted to you by the website administrator.  Now browse to the page that needs editing and click the "Edit" link.  This will bring up the page editor, which is similar to a simplified version of popular desktop office software many people have used before.  Make your changes to the page using the WYSIWYG page editor (What You See Is What You Get, pronounced 'wiz i wig'). When finished editing the page, click the "Save" button at the bottom of your screen and Walla, your changes are immediately reflected and a backup copy of the previous state has been saved.  Now, click the "Logout" link and you have just completed your first edit.  Sound simple?  Yes, it is that simple for basic edits.
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